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Join Jeremy & Dave as they explore what it means to Iive, work, and solve business challenges as a cloud-native organization.

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Meet the hosts...

Dave Chapman 

Dave is Head of Customer Transformations at Cloudreach. Over the past 20 years he has worked across several IT leadership roles in the public sector as well as oil & gas.. He has a proven track record in enterprise transformation, most recently as the VP for Digital Foundations at BP. 

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Episode 86:

August 18th

We are joined by Dante Gabrielli, the CTO at Key2Act. Dante explains how Key2Act is leveraging the cloud and IOT to develop and scale new solutions for its customers.

Episode 85:

Cloud Transformation Stories: Leveraging IOT and  cloud at Key2Act

The business value of diversity

August 4th

Nancy Speidel (from iSAW) joins Jeremy & Dave to share her observations on the business value of diversity from over 20 years of experience working within the IT industry.

Episode 83:

Blockchain 101

July 14th

Oliver Johnston-Watt  & Dan O’Prey join the team to discuss blockchain technology. They cover use cases and the growing impact the tech is having on how applications are developed and operated. 

Episode 84:

A deep dive into change leadership

July 21st

Alastair Kidd returns to Cloudbusting to discuss change leadership and how organisational transformations require the leaders driving change to transform as well.

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Each week join Jeremy, Dave and their guests as they discuss the impact of cloud and other technologies on businesses and the way we all live. Focusing on transformation, leadership, ways of working, and emerging technology they explore how the cloud is underpinning a step-change in human experience.

Jez Ward 

Jez is an Enterprise Cloud Strategist dedicated to helping CxOs deliver high-impact business outcomes in the cloud. He is a trusted IT leader with 25 years in diverse industry roles, including the COO for iRiS Software, SVP for IT at Kempinski Hotels and CIO for JJW Hotels and Resorts.

What does it take to be an adaptable organization?