Navigating a new retail landscape: Six steps to accelerate your data maturity

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Today’s retail leaders understand that data is the fundamental backbone of their organizations. The effective use of data and analytics can help drive the success of initiatives across all areas of retail, improving business resilience, increasing revenues and transforming the bottom-line.

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Research shows that 83% of retail executives agree that delivering a connected and unified experience to customers is vital to their business success, while only 51% feel their supply chains are prepared to meet growing digital commerce needs.

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Download our latest guide to understand how to accelerate your data maturity and become an industry leader in retail.

The guide highlights the six key steps to data maturity:

1.   Lay the foundation: collect the right data
2.  Make it usable: Refine the data
3.  Fuel your decision making: Enrich and clean the data
4.  Support business reporting: Aggregate and label data
5.  Simple machine learning and diagnostic analytics
6.  Implement full-scale predictive or prescriptive analytics